Saturday, July 27th, 2019

  • Goodman: 3:00-3:45pm
  • Shorewood Hills: 3:45-5:00pm
  • Hill Farm: 5:00-6:00pm
  • Parkcrest: 6:00-7:00pm
  • *Open: 7:00-8:00pm

Sunday, July 28th, 2019

  • *Open: 7:00-8:00am
  • Hawks Landing: 8:00-9:00am
  • Middleton: 9:00-10:00am
  • Nakoma: 10:00-10:45am
  • High Point: 10:45-noon
  • Seminole: noon-1:00pm
  • Maple Bluff: 1:00-2:00pm
  • Monona: 2:00-3:30pm
  • West Side: 3:30-4:30pm
  • Ridgewood: 4:30-5:45pm

*Open warm ups are intended for divers who are unable to make their team warm ups, however, the divers must be accompanied by their coach. No diver will be permitted without a coach from their pool.

Time is available for team make-ups in case of earlier storms. 

The team warm up times are in the order of the future hosts for the All-City dive meets.