Nestled in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, Ridgewood community pool has been teaching members water safety, and introducing recreational water based activities such as diving, swimming and water ballet during the short splendid summers for over 50 years. In fact, Ridgewood divers began competing in an All City league as early as 1962. While the Ridgewood Dive team has a rich history and tradition of success as competitors and champions, it is truly the spirit and character cultivated as athletes formed into fine young men and women which Ridgewood celebrates. For as long as members can remember, Ridgewood has taken a team based approach to developing it’s membership, and yet focus on celebrating the success of every child. Many of its’ youth return to serve the Ridgewood community to help others enjoy water safety and activities annually. This is the essence of a grass roots development program that is rich in memories and championships alike. This is part of the culture of Ridgewood: Team first.

Ridgewood Pool has been a summer pool opening shortly after Memorial Day and closing sometime after Labor Day for over 60 years. Most members learn to swim at an early age and witness the fun associated with the sport of springboard diving. In fact, Ridgewood has 3 springboards for diving. A 3 meter springboard is surrounded by two 1 meter springboards which help our staff attract, engage, inspire and develop many recreational swimmers into diving. Some of these members and friends from other pools are drawn to Ridgewood for its development of divers. A few of the Ridgewood divers eventually compete in high school and pursue diving in college as well. It all starts with having people who know and respect the sport of diving and culture of Ridgewood with the priority of making it fun while rooted in a recreational development atmosphere.